Trees Ex Libris

Trees Ex Libris: a collection of environmental erotica

Trees Ex Libris exposes a new genre of erotic fiction celebrating human sex in relation to trees and the natural world. With humour and candour its intelligent writing, presented in 11 short stories, covers a wide range of genres and fetishes. A cherished cedar swing brings surprising pleasure to a young girl, a couple experiment with tree bondage, a widow discovers a pleasurable new hobby, and more. You will never look at a sweet chestnut the same way again.

Trees Ex Libris
Trees Ex Libris

The book will be released on 1st OctoberNow available to pre-order from Amazon.

This exciting title presents erotic literature at its best: sharp intelligent writing, imaginative and fulfilling stories, and of course no-holds-barred sex and fantasy. Written by Jovis Glans.

Themes including sex and trees feature: adventure, anal, awakening, bdsm, bondage, dildos, group sex, masturbation, mild torture, nature, outdoor nudity, pee, and zoophilia.

This is our first title and we’re really proud of it. If you’ve read Trees Ex Libris, tell us know what you think: contact us using our form

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