Trees: Ex Libris

Thanks to Erotic Fix for featuring Trees Ex Libris on their excellent website.


In the far corner of our backyard was a vast spreading cedar tree. Its branches spanned the full width of our meagre strip of scuffed turf and beyond, reaching across both adjacent yards and into the properties behind.

We had no plastic toys outside our house, just sturdy wooden wonders made from cedar. Their original beautiful orange tone had weathered to gold, evaporating in wafts of earthy vanilla during warm summer evenings. All the lumber had come from a massive branch removed a few years earlier from the tree, and later lovingly crafted by Pa.

He made a heavy swing seat for me, fashioned from the seasoned cedar, my name carved along its front. He attached it high in the tree’s canopy using thick soft rope, giving it a deep and long parabola. I could swing so high that at its apsis I could see into many other backyards, down…

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Author: EEP Editor

Editor at the Environmental Erotica Press

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