Extracts from TREES EX LIBRIS

We’re pleased to release a few choice extracts from our forthcoming book TREES EX LIBRIS.

The book is a collection of tree-related erotica presented in 11 short stories.

Trees Ex Libris
TREES EX LIBRIS – a collection of environmental erotica by Jovis Glans

Scots Pine
Forbidden Forest
Sweet Chestnut
Oliver Grove


Imagine my surprise — as I hung upside down from my favourite branch, cock in hand, eyes closed tight in pre-cum ecstasy — to hear the fall of nearby footsteps. I froze, realising my exposure was so extreme there was nothing I could do to cover my embarrassing perversion.

I opened my eyes to find them level with an exposed and fully-erect cock. Without a word being said by its owner, the organ approached me and an orphaned hand guided it into my mouth. The shock of my first experience of a cock in my mouth was soon countered by the warmth of the stranger’s mouth around my own penis. Our vertical ’69’ was mind-blowing.


Several designs — and orgasms — later Mary had mastered her design: a length of 7 1/2″, narrow at the neck, widening in its middle to a double knot, and with a rounded ball at its tip. Ash was good but the smoothness and weight of walnut more pleasing still.

Mary’s productivity and satisfaction grew in parallel. Each wooden wand was lovingly crafted while she ‘tested’ the previous model as she treddled. When two shelves of the garage were creaking under a quiver of wooden phallic wonders, her next inspiring idea came to her. Worrying about how she could keep so many creations hidden from the eyes of her two ‘children’ — if they ever came to visit — prompted her to locate Basic Website Design under the Information Technology section, and borrow a copy to take home to study.

Olive Grove

We walked through a beautiful landscape of hills and vineyards, climbing by the evening to a scrubby ridge, dotted here and there with ancient olive trees. Far below the lights in an old farmhouse came on one-by-one, and I watched a tiny figure gathering washing from its terrace. It was a picture-postcard landscape of vineyards, olive trees and incense cedars, lit with glorious evening color. I gazed across the fertile valley watching the setting sun while bound and draped across a low branch; my ass exposed to the east and my tits swinging freely to the west.

I’d just emptied my bladder — knowing JB enjoyed how it sprayed backwards while bound in this crouched position — when I heard a footfall behind. Expecting JB, or more precisely the nudge of his cock, I squealed as an eager tongue lapped at my sodden swollen lips. Yet something was wrong.

TREES EX LIBRIS: a collection of environmental erotica is released October 1st. Now available to pre-order from Amazon.

Author: EEP Editor

Editor at the Environmental Erotica Press

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